How's Your Battery?

At the top righthand corner of my cell phone’s screen is a very important symbol.  This symbol looks like a AA battery and can either be green, yellow, or red.  Beside the battery symbol, there is also has a number.  Between these two items, the symbol and the number, I am able to know the energy level or the power strength of the battery of my cell phone.  The higher the number or the more green showing in the battery symbol, the better.  The lower the number or if red is showing, this means it’s time to take action – the power is almost depleted. 

 It’s amazing to stop and realize just how many of the “devices” that we use every day are in some way dependent upon a battery and the energy the battery provides.  Just a week ago Nancy and I traveled to California to see her dad.  While in the various airports during our travels I noticed something that 20 years ago wasn’t there.  Charging stations.  Even on one of the airplanes, there was a sign informing me there was a “plug in” for my “device” between the seats.  

 Something that I’ve noticed about our society is that we are very much in tune with the power level of our devices that we carry and rely upon.  However, I’m not so sure that we, as people, are particularly aware of the power level in our own lives.  If you ask a person how they’re doing, they are likely to say “Fine or Good,” and then they’ll proceed to tell you how busy they are…how much they’ve crammed into the daily/weekly schedule and are on the go, go, go!  The usual response is that we laugh for a moment with them and say, “Yeah, me too.”

 Yes, we try to  boost our energy level with our morning hit of caffeine, there’s sugar and caffeine we ingest at various points in the day, there are energy drinks, some people even turn to prescription or illegal drugs or other substances to provide the boost that is needed just to survive in our frantic paced world. 

 But Jesus offers a different perspective for us to consider for our lives.  In the Gospel of Mark, chapter 6, Jesus offers us some great words of wisdom.  Mark 6:7-13 tells of Jesus calling his disciples and then sending them forth in mission and ministry.  Then in Mark 6:30-32, the disciples have gathered with Jesus again, they’re telling him what they’ve been up to out doing ministry, and then Jesus says to them, “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest a while.”

 The disciples had likely been working hard, expending a lot of energy, and Jesus recognized their power level was low.  He didn’t say drink this or eat that to regain your power and strength, and then get out there and do more!  No, he said, “Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest for a while.”  The phrases I believe we really need to pay attention to are, “come away,” “deserted place,” “by yourself,” and “rest for a while.” 

 Jesus modeled this in his own life.  Time and time again the story of Jesus life in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, tells us that Jesus stepped away from the crowds and the rush of life to pray…to rest.  As Jesus followers, this should be a pattern in our lives too.

 Today how’s the power level in your life…in your spirit?  Yes, the world tells us there are “work-arounds” to get more energy.  Yet, Jesus also wants us to know a healthier way is to come away to a quiet place and simply rest for a while.  When I plug in my phone to charge, often I shut it off.  I let it rest, you might say.  If it’s good for my phone…it’s probably good for me too.  The older I get I’m finding that naps are good.  But also, time with God is good.  Stepping away from the office and work is good.  Stepping out into nature is good.  Today, read Mark 6:31 and let Jesus words speak to you.  Let those words lead you to a place that Jesus knows you need to visit.

Serving Together,

Pastor Keith