Always Going the Same Way

  As I write this reflection, I’m in Kansas City attending a 2-day training workshop at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection.  This morning, as I was on the way to the church, from my hotel, I had my first learning moment, even though the workshop hadn’t even begun. 

 I’ve been to COR (Church of the Resurrection) a number of times for leadership and training events, so I have my usual hotel that I like to stay in.  Just to make sure I remembered what roads I was supposed to go on, I turned on the navigation feature in my smart phone and told Siri to get me to COR. 

 So, I’m making my way in the rush hour traffic, heading to the church.  Siri was taking me the way I remembered, so I felt like I really didn’t need the navigation help.  Suddenly, Siri told me to turn left in a quarter of a mile.  “Wait a minute,” I thought, “I usually don’t turn there.”  I was in the left lane anyway, so I was looking up ahead to see if I was forgetting a turn.  “Turn left in 500 ft.”  Siri said.  This can’t be right, I thought.  But I got in the left turn lane.

 The light was red, and as I sat there, I found myself thinking. “This can’t be right…I know this isn’t right.  I usually don’t turn here.  Where is Siri taking me?  Did a new destination get plugged into the system?”  There was a small break in the westbound traffic and I briefly thought about quickly jumping back into that lane of traffic in order to go the “usual” way to my intended destination.  Just then the turn arrow lit up, and I decided to go that way and see where it took me.  I was convinced I was on a road to the wrong destination because this wasn’t the way I had gone before. 

 Once on the “new” road, Siri said that I would turn right in 2 ½ miles onto Roe Avenue.  Hey, Church of the Resurrection is on Roe Avenue. I just might actually make it!  And you know what…traffic was actually really light on this “new” route.  That’s when I realized Siri knew something I didn’t, that there was significant rush hour congestion on the route I usually take to COR, but this new way (which actually wasn’t available a few years ago) now offered a new route with a LOT less traffic.  Hmmmm…I just might have to go that way again tomorrow!!! 😊

 As I reflected on this experience several lessons came to mind.  1.  My “usual” way is not always the best way.  2.  Sometimes I need to trust “someone” with a better perspective on things.  3.  Just because I haven’t gone a certain way (or done something that way) in the past doesn’t mean that it isn’t the best way to arrive at a desired destination now.  4.  New information, though unexpected, can be helpful on the journey.  5. Taking a new path can be really uncomfortable to begin with, but it just might lead to something positive and even beneficial in the long-run.   I’m sure there are other lessons, but these are the immediate ones that come to mind.  E-mail me your similar experiences and your take-aways / lessons learned. 

 Sharing the journey with you…as together we grow in Christ!

Pastor Keith