Who's Fighting With You?

Who are the people that fight your battles with you?  No, I didn’t ask who fights your battles for you?  Who fights your battles with you?  This, I believe is an important question to know the answer to in your mind and heart because it can mean the difference between victory and defeat.  What got me reflecting on this question is that in my reading in the Bible, I came across the account of David’s mighty men.  
We all know about David.  He was a sheepherder that fought the giant, Goliath, and brought him down with a stone and a sling.  David soothed King Saul’s mind and spirit with his musical ability.  David was a great warrior and ended up being the greatest King Israel ever new.  He also wrote many of the Psalms.  David was a very gifted man.  Yet, in the midst of his greatness it’s important to remember that when David faced his greatest battles, he most likely wasn’t alone.  
In the Old Testament books of 1 Chronicles and 2 Samuel it tells about David’s Mighty Men.  These were the fierce warriors who were a part of his army and were likely a part of his personal security detail.  The Bible tells of the “exploits” of a few of these “mighty men” and the great deeds they accomplished in the midst of battle.  The stories tell of how heavy the spear was for a couple of them or how thick the shaft of the spear was.  It tells about the number of men killed by a single warrior in one day.  The story goes on sharing the greatness of these friends and warriors.  But again, what struck me was the fact that David had someone fighting close at hand with him when he went into battle.  So, again, I’ll ask the question.  Who fights the battle with you?
The truth is we all have battles we are fighting.  It might be the battle is an emotional, or spiritual, or relational issue and the battlefield is in your heart, soul, or mind.  The battle might be with a medical condition, an employment situation, a financial problem, a habitual or addiction issue.  There are just so many possible battles that we all can and do face in our lives.  But the wisdom from the Bible is that to ensure success and to defeat the enemies we come up against, it is important to have some “mighty friends” fighting the battles of life with you.  
Chances are if David hadn’t had his mighty warriors, he would have been overwhelmed, defeated, and possibly even killed in one of his many battles.  If that would have been the case, we would have likely never heard of David at all.  He would have simply slipped away into history.  But it was his trusted friends, his mighty warriors that helped bring victory and success in his life.  Yes, David was gifted, but his mighty warriors made the difference when the pressure was on.  
So, who fights the battle with me??  I have my ASK Prayer Team.  They are my prayer warriors who pray with me regularly.  (You can join us Tuesday mornings at 7:07 at the church.)  I have several friends I talk to when life gets difficult and they encourage me.  My spouse is a great source of strength and support!  I hope you have some mighty friends in your corner.  If not, please start developing those potential relationships.  We all need to have someone we know is there, helping us and fighting with us when life gets difficult.   

Serving Together,

Pastor Keith

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