Beauty All Around Us!!

We’ve all survived the final winter storm of 2018.  There was plenty of ice, strong winds, almost a foot of snow, and now bitter cold temperatures.  Yep, sounds like a good old South Dakota winter storm!!  Yesterday, Friday, I got my driveway opened up, my pick up dug out, and I made my way to the church.  Dan was already there clearing sidewalks, etc.  But as you’d expect, the morning after a major winter storm, it was pretty quiet around the church. 

 At one point I was walking around the building checking things out, reflecting on the past year, praying for our church and our community, etc.  As I walked through the sanctuary some windows in back caught my attention.  They had formations of snow on the outside of the windows caused by the wind and blowing snow of the storm.  A couple of windows in particular caught my attention.  There was great beauty in the layers of snow and how the light shown through them.  Having my phone with my I took pictures of the windows and posted them on Facebook for the world to see.  Then as I walked through another section of the building, I looked out another window and saw another beautiful snow formation created by the swirling wind and snow of the storm. 

 These moments reminded me that there is beauty all around us, it’s just a matter of being able to see what is already there.  Sometimes that means opening our eyes.  Sometimes it means walking around or getting out of our comfort zone to experience or see something new.  Sometimes it means actually taking the time to pause and be open to the moment and the beauty that is present.  Sometimes it means realizing that beauty can be found in unexpected places or moments. 

 In just a matter of a few days a new year will begin.  There is always something magical about a new year.  Days and calendars that are mostly open, ready to be filled with whatever we chose to fill our days with.  We all have dreams of the good things ahead!  Yet, before we leave 2018, I would encourage all of us to take a moment to walk back through the year that is behind us.  As we meander through the happenings of the past year may we also be especially attuned to the beauty that has surrounded each of us. 

 Yes, it might be true that some of the beauty we see in our life or in our world has come about because of a storm, or some other unwanted and unexpected experience.  Yet, if we look close enough or deep enough it just might be possible to see beauty in those moments too.  My daily prayer for the year to come is, “God, help me see the beauty around me today.”

 Just think of how incredible 2019 will be if we all take the time to look for the beauty in the world around us each and every day!  Now there’s a New Years Resolution worth making!  Happy New Year!!

 Serving Together,

Pastor Keith