Building On Something Special...

I have recently been refinishing the 80+ year old hardwood floors in the upstairs of our home. This has proven not to be a project for the faint of heart. There have been many different steps taken to get it to where we want it to be.

At some point the previous owners decided to lay carpet over the original floor. For the longest time carpet was the go to flooring. Well now, many years and owners have come and gone and the carpet was losing its brilliance. What was once a very relevant and I am sure exciting upgrade has now grown dismal, outdated and dare I even say a liability.

With every pass of the sander, I thought of the transformation that was taking place right before my eyes. Though I am not returning the floor its original blond color, but rather a modern deep lustrous dark, I couldn't help of thinking of the family who built our house. The same family who planted the giant maple tree in the front yard to commemorate the birth of their daughter. The same family that added on twice through the years.

I bet when they laid this beautiful fur floor they were proud. They were most likely dreaming of their kids learning to crawl and walk on that floor. Their dogs napping in the corner. Memories of milestones, late night dances, horsey rides, etc. But at some point they felt it would be beneficial to lay carpet over the floor. They even changed the shape, size and function of the house to accommodate a number of different transformations. All to make the home remain fully relevant to the needs of their growing family.

I had the privilege of meeting Stella, one of the girls who was born and raised in this home. It looked so much different from when she left it. Paint, flooring, layout, and even a large addition had been made to her childhood home. Though things looked almost unrecognizable, she was taken aback with joy. You see, she will always cherish the home here parents built. The home where she was molded and shaped into the woman she is today. However, she was not filled with sadness, or dislike, or even anger. No, she was overjoyed that the legacy of her family home, the treasure chest of her most formative and valued memories, was to live on for another generation. A new family was going to build on what here family made so special.

I believe this is exactly what we are doing on this journey of MCCI. We are honoring and celebrating the great tradition of this storied community of faith by committing to living out the mission it was built on. To share the love of Jesus Christ to a new generation of people. This church has been through many seasons of adaptation, remodels, and restructuring to remain relevant, this is simply the next round of renovations!

Blessings in Christ,

Pastor Jerry Stravia

Join us this Sunday, as we Celebrate what God is doing in and through our church. We will only have one worship service this week, 10:15 am followed by a special charge conference where we will be voting on the prescriptions!