A People Of Courage!...

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been three weeks since our Church’s MCCI Consultation Weekend. It feels like so much has happened in just three weeks…and yet it also feels like it was just yesterday. It’s funny how life can do that to a person.

I do hope by now that most of you have had a chance to read the MCCI Report with Prescriptions that was presented to our church family on Sunday morning during our MCCI Consultation weekend. If you haven’t received or read the report, it is being included with another e-mail. For a hard copy you can stop by the church office. The document is an eight-page report divided into three sections; Strengths, Concerns, and Prescriptions.

The first section, “Strengths” is a fun section. It lists the top five qualities or strengths that the Consultation Team heard during their time at our church. If you’ve read the report, which strength was your favorite or the one that caught you by surprise? For me, the “strength” that surprised me, but is also my favorite, is the last one; Courage!

I hadn’t thought of this quality in regard to being a strength for our church family, but the more I reflect on it, I believe it’s accurate. It took courage for the men and women in the late 1800’s to decide to build a Methodist Church in a community that was in its infancy. It took courage for another group of men and women to decide to build what would have been considered a huge church building in the early 1900’s. In fact, when our sanctuary was built in 1906 it was the largest protestant sanctuary in South Dakota.

It took courage in the 30’s during very difficult times, for the leadership of our church to stand up and be bold when a group of people within the church questioned youth meeting and playing games in the church facility. These individuals felt that was an inappropriate activity for a place of worship. But the leadership arose and responded by saying, “Be it Resolved; We are committed…” They went on to say that this (our church) is exactly where youth should be in such troubling times.

It took Courage 50 years ago to add on an education wing, that now houses many ministries. It took Courage 20 years ago to start a feeding ministry called Love Feast. It took Courage a year ago for church leadership to agree to participate in the MCCI process. It will take Courage on Sunday, October 28th for our church to vote to accept the prescriptions (by a vote margin of 75% or higher) and then live into them and make them a reality. But I believe we are up to the challenge, because we are people of courage! The MCCI Consultation Team got it right, Courage is a strength of the people of Downtown Mitchell First UMC.

Next week I’ll write about the Concerns and Prescriptions. But again, if you haven’t read the report, I hope you will take a moment to do so. It really is good and important reading. As you read the report the question to ask is, “Are these God’s next steps for us as a church?”

Serving Together,

Pastor Keith

Be sure to join us for worship this Sunday. It’s Children’s Sunday and the children of the church will have a special “fishy” story to tell at both services; 8:30 and 11:00 am. Also, the drama group “Spoofed” from the High School will have a special presentation for us. It’s going to be a great Sunday!

Also, plan on joining us for worship on Sunday, October 28th. It’s the day we’ll have the Special Charge Conference vote on our MCCI Prescriptions. We will have one worship service at 10:15 am. Sunday School will begin at 9:15 this Sunday. The Special Charge Conference will take place immediately following worship!